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The Many Advantages of Box Trucks

The Many Advantages of Box Trucks

Are you an electrician or owner of another type of service company requiring delivery to consumers with goods and equipment? If so, how are you holding your gear? More and more service business owners are finding out about the many advantages of using box trucks. Here are four basic benefits for box trucks, along with a few requirements and warnings for service companies. Box trucks often have a cargo area separated from the cab and fixed to the frame while the cargo area is mounted to the vehicle in delivery vans, making it a one-piece unit. Most box truck models have a rear roll-up door. Cargo vans are often similar in design as well as in size to family passenger vans. Box trucks are more commonly used by suppliers of goods carrying large boxes and accessories, while cargo vans are most often used for plumbing, delivery and electrical repair firms. For a box truck, a conventional or cabover, there are two styles of cabins. The difference between the two is the place of the engine in the cab, causing the cab to look different. The conventional cab is the most common. This type of cab puts the engine in the front of the steering wheel, giving the cab more of a "nose." Cabover style puts the engine under the driver's seat, giving the cab a no-nose look.


What Is A Box Truck?

A box truck is clearly so-called for its box-like shape. Often known as a cube van, cube truck, box van or rolling toaster, a box truck is essentially a cabin truck with a cargo space enclosed area. Although some versions have a door separating the cabin from the cargo portion, the cabin is typically removed from the cargo area. 


Box trucks are used for many types of tasks and also come in different sizes. In addition to providing customers with services and products, they are also used to bring equipment from warehouses to retail stores to work sites and transport inventory.



One of the main advantages of having a box truck for your service business is that you can have free wheel advertising. Consider how you can use your truck to promote your brand and how much more visible to the public are the details of your business than is seen on a pickup truck's tiny door decals.


No Need For Pulling A Trailer

Do you spend a lot of time hooking a trailer every so often? Pulling a trailer is also costly, as it can mean paying more for fuel, in addition to being time-consuming. Luckily, you don't have to worry about carrying all of a trailer's extra weight while driving a box truck.


As a result, shipments can be easier, so going to a job site and delivering high-quality service to your clients can be paid more consideration. In fact, by not having to remove a truck at the end of the day and unload the vehicles, you can save money.


Safe Storage Unit

Another huge reason to use a box truck is that it provides a safe and secure place to store equipment and supplies. It is highly unlikely that thieves will be able to break in and steal your things if your goods and equipment are packed in a box truck. For fact, inclement weather, such as wind and rain, will not affect the supplies or equipment.


Maneuver With Ease And Good Gas Mileage

Box trucks are primarily used for local runs as they can be maneuvered rather quickly than big semi-trucks. A box truck has a higher gas mileage than larger trucks in most cases. Box trucks can be the perfect solution for driving in tight areas or congested traffic due to their ideal size and fuel consumption.


What Else Can You Do With A Box Truck

Commercial vehicles are one of the companies  best kept secrets because they are such an enormous advantage. They can do practically everything. Some people think companies that need a truck also need some form of manual labor like a landscaper, a flower shop, or construction The picture that comes to mind is a truck that serves as a service provider.


Imagine running a delivery service with your typical get-around? This seems nearly impossible For larger loads, you would have to buy a trailer. You don't have to get involved in trailers with a box truck. One of the main burdens on time and fuel economy is hooking and unhooking a trailer several times a day. Instead of using a trailer, for example, driving a box truck back into a garage or storage unit would be infinitely easier and even more efficient. Because they are commonly used for moving there are ramps and other tools and equipment available for quick changing of your box truck.


And it's not all about fuel efficiency. It simply takes the extra legwork and stress out of running a typical working day's day-to-day tasks. This allows you to concentrate more on customer service and other things that will help you do the job. You will work smarter and quicker, get rid of those tiny things that break your day in half. Think about what all this time adds up to, and how you could benefit from getting back some time.


Can You Market A Business With A Box Truck?

One of the best things you can do with a box truck is to use it to support your customers with branding and marketing. How are you going to market a truck? Obviously, with a box truck wrap!


A box truck wrap is a convenient reminder for current customers and a good first impression for new ones, which is simpler and in some cases more successful than a billboard. Here at Fam Vans, we offer truck cover advertising services and will be happy to work with you to install the picture you need to get your company and brand recognized on the road. 


Fam Vans offers variety of box trucks and other work and commercial vans. Browse our inventory online and come see us for your next work truck.

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