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Choosing A New Or Used Cargo Van

Choosing A New Or Used Cargo Van

You have decided that a Cargo Van is the best vehicle for your business. After taking a look at pickup trucks, you’ve realized that the best bang for your buck, the most reliable choice, is a Cargo Van. Now you need to take your next step, you need to make a decision about which Cargo Van is best for you, and whether or not that Van is going to be used or new. 


You have to scan the market and determine whether or not it is going to be a full sized cargo van, or if it's going to be a small one, you have to check the model, and you need to know what exactly to pay attention to. All of this can be difficult to settle down and come to understand. 


Traditional thinking sometimes urges you not to think about buying used cars. The line of reasoning goes something like: You never know what you’re getting. What was the last driver to do this vehicle? What is really under this hood? It will break down the moment I drive off of the lot. But this isn’t always the truth. When you buy from Fam Vans we make sure that the cars on our lot are quality cars, but we wouldn’t have been in business for as long as we have, almost thirty years in the business (with hundreds of years of experiences, between our sales and service teams) if we didn’t know what we are doing.


That takes a great deal of stress away from our consumers because you don’t have to worry about buying a lemon when you’re buying with us. With that being said there are several advantages to buying a used car. The first being that there are a lot of them on the market, much more than just this year’s newest model. That means that a patient buyer could get more bang for their buck if they’re willing to take a broader look at the market. If you are going to be a used shopper you have to be a little more patient, and engage in the testing, and searching, and even the inspecting that will yield the best choice when it comes to a used car. To begin with though you should ask around, and determine whether or not the dealership that you’re going to be working with is known in your area for providing great cars, and amazing customer service. That is something that we at Fam Vans pride ourselves one. 

What Are You Hauling?

It doesn’t take Ancient Greek knowledge to start with “knowing yourself.” What do you need the vehicle for, and what are you going to be transporting. When you know that, and you’ve explored the different varieties of activities that you may engage in, you can start looking at Cargo Vans. It’s important to remember that no particular Cargo Van is perfect, it just happens that a Cargo Van might be perfect for your business. 


One important thing to consider is where you will be driving. If you are in an urban area the height of the Cargo Van is important. You want to make sure that you won’t be limited when it comes to clearance. Shorter Vans are also more navigable, and maneuver smoothly where that can be difficult the taller and wider you go. Cargo Vans don’t just come in two or three shapes, even the shape of the roof comes in tons of varieties, and can be particularized for your industry or transportation needs.

Wide Open


A part of understanding what you’re hauling is how you’re going to get it into your Cargo Van. Strangely enough people don't consider the doors of their Van of choice when they’re choosing they’re Van. Don’t just look at the measurements of the car itself, but of the doors! You might want to choose a Van that has two doors in the back, or sliding doors on the side, or something that can seat people as well as materials. There are also liftgate options to choose from and models that have only one sliding door on the side. 

Are you Looking For Power? 

Now that we’ve talked about what’s on the outside of your Cargo Van, let's talk about what's under the hood, that’s right we’re talking about your Powertrain. As much variety as we saw outside of a van, are reflected under the hood. Some of the smaller vans have small powertrains so that they can be better on gas, and might be a great choice if they’re being driven long distances. However as a business owner you might have more needs, you might need a Cargo Van that can carry tremendous amounts of weight uphills, or in conditions that might be too much for something with a small power train. You might even need to consider whether or not you need a Cargo Van with the ability to tow other vehicles, and be able to bear the pressures of a hitch. If fuel economy is less important to you than power, make sure to get yourself a top notch powertrain. 



Another thing to consider when you’re thinking about your purchase is who will be driving this car, and what will they need to succeed. They might need for example a state of the art navigation tool, and perhaps the best that the industry has to offer in the way of safety features. If you are going to be driving exclusively in an area that you know well then you don’t have to consider navigation, but for longer drives it is definitely an important consideration. The industry also has a variety of cameras, rear facing, and front facing that allow you to maximize your visual coverage and make sure that you have what you need in order to keep your vehicle and your cargo safe and secure. 

Final Thoughts

This is a brief overview of a process that can be incredibly complicated. We didn’t even get into particular brands and models, and if we did we would be here all day. The truth is that the best way to get through this process is to talk to product specialists. Here at Fam Vans we are ready to help educate you, and share our years of experience! Stop In, Call, or shoot us a message, we’re always here to help.

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