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Best Time to Shop for a Commercial Truck

Best Time to Shop for a Commercial Truck

Best Time to Shop for a Commercial Truck

Everything has its own season for prime shopping whether it is phones, pumpkin spice lattes, and commercial vehicles. If you want to know when is the best time to find the best makes and models and the best prices, then continue reading. In this blog, FAMVANS will specifically discuss when is the best time to purchase a truck to help with transportation and hauling heavy duty equipment. 


The first step is to plan ahead, and save money so you can have the best options and have a good financial plan. After you have done your research and figured out the best time to buy a truck, you must save up money for a good down payment on the truck of your choice. The benefit of this is you will be more prepared when you go to the dealership. You will also never have to settle for a truck you didn’t want because you think you can’t afford it.


If you notice the commercials during Christmas Time and New Years, you will be bombarded by TV and radio ads on End of the Year sales events. They start around late November until early January. This is probably the only time that these commercials are actually true. Dealerships during this time want to get rid of as much as they can of their inventory to make more space for the following years’ new models.


If the end of the year sales events is too long for you to wait, there are also other times for you to get a great price. You may be looking to buy a car in the middle of April, waiting for December is too long for you to wait. Dealerships lower their prices at the end of each month. Dealerships want to also get rid of their inventory after the end of each month so they have the latest and freshest in stock for their customers. You will find better financial options and rebates for buying a truck at the end of the month, might even have some leverage. 


End of the month still too much time to wait? Then the best time would be to go to a dealership during the middle of the week- Wednesday. The reason the middle of the week is the best time is because it is the slowest time for dealers to sell. The weekend is the busiest time for dealers so there would be no incentive for them to lower the prices because all they want is to sell a lot and for the most money possible. If it is slow, they would be lenient and lower the price to sell any cars at all.


These sales typically apply to many dealerships, even ours. If you are looking for a commercial truck- visit our Inventory tab to get started up at the top. Then schedule an appointment for a test drive during the middle of the week, at the end of the month, or at the end of the year. Good luck shopping and remember these specific times for the best deals for commercial vehicles.

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