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Which Commercial Vehicle is Right for You?

Which Commercial Vehicle is Right for You?

If you are just starting out with a small business or ready to take your company to the next level, you will need a commercial car to spread your reaches. Commercial cars can range from a small hatchback to a full size van, and it can be difficult to find the car that will meet all your needs. Does your business mainly deal with deliveries? Do you participate in lots of traveling with your company? Do you need to move large products? Do you need specialty equipment included? What is your budget? All these things need to be taken into consideration: size, fuel efficiency, maneuverability, equipment, and of course cost. Here at FAMVANS, we are here to help decipher all these factors and provide a wide variety of commercial vehicles that will meet any job you are looking for. With the right research and trials, we guarantee we can help you find the right fit.


Probably the most important factor when looking for a commercial car to consider is size. There are two things to consider when thinking about the size of the commercial car you need: interior and exterior space. If you just have to travel to and fro from places without a need for a large expansive space, we would recommend a transit connect van that offers enough interior space and is fuel conscious. If you need more interior space, the more exterior space you will also have. Some vans can offer you over 500 cfu in interior space (like a suburban van), but the van becomes to big and is harder to drive due to the extensive exterior space. There is such a thing as finding a happy medium between the two, like an express van that offers a lot of interior space without wasting it on the exterior space.


The size of the commercial car can also affect and relate to the fuel efficiency of the commercial car. The smaller the car, like the transit connector, the better gas mileage you will have. Some larger vans can still be fuel efficient if they have a 2.1-liter turbodiesel engine. Gas prices are just going to get more and more expensive with each year, so this is an important factor to consider for the future. A commercial car can be manageable know with gas prices today, but it is always good to also think ahead in the long run. 


Maneuverability is also affected by size, and depending on where you plan on driving and transporting these is a key factor to consider when deciding on a commercial vehicle. We all know how difficult it is to drive in Los Angeles even with just a small personal car in the tight streets and traffic ridden freeways. Can you imagine driving a big van? Some maneuverability factors to consider to examine is turning circle statistics, how well you can reverse in it, and how easily you can turn the wheel and avoid situations. The best way to test these things out is by taking a TEST drive of course. The maneuverability is not just on the vehicle itself, but also on yourself. Take the vehicle out to locations that are similar to your working environment and test out situations you would face day to day on the job. If you would like to take a commercial vehicle for a test drive, come down to our dealership and we would be more than happy to.


Commercial cars are not only used for transporting products from point A to point B; commercial cars are also desired for their equipment that comes with it. Equipment can be anything typical from a stereo to pass the time with, power mirrors to help see when your vehicle is very large, and parking assist systems to make it easier to park. Equipment for commercial cars can also be things like ladder racks, lift gates, hitches, and shelving modules that are found for your custom needs. Not all commercial vehicles have these features, but you can also look for which models are adaptable and can be modified to utilize additional equipment.


Cost to some can be the most important factor, especially if you are a small business or start up. Again, size matters and affects the price of the commercial vehicle. The transit connect is the smallest, fuel efficial, and least expensive out of all cargo vans. The smallest commercial cars can start from $22,000, and the largest can be $40,000 or more depending on the different features and models. If you need help with calculations on financial stats, our expert financial support team at FAMVANS are here to can also get pre-qualified if you shop with us!


All these factors when researched about them thoroughly will get you the right result for the commercial car you need. They all work together and need some compromising at times, so make a decision on which are the most important to you. The best advice you should take from this is to always have a test drive. The stats might give you a vehicle with all the right options, but when you test drive you are not comfortable or not able to feel full control. We hope this blog will help you start your business right and take it to the next level, and if you are interested in any of our vehicles you must come down and see it for yourself. Good Luck on finding the right commercial car for you.

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