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Difference Between a Pickup Truck and Cargo Van

Difference Between a Pickup Truck and Cargo Van

There are many different types of commercial vehicles that vary from make and models to fit all kinds of needs. The most common commercial vehicles are pickup trucks and cargo vans. As far as commercial vehicles go, a pickup truck and cargo van have many differences and benefits for each. Some are the complete opposites and some overlap each other. If you need some more explaining to help decide on which one best suits the line of work you do, just keep on reading. And if you are interested in a test drive or  purchasing a commercial vehicle of your own, just visit us at FAMVANS dealership or the inventory tab on this website.


At first glance, the pickup truck and cargo van differ in storage space, storage enclosures or lack thereof, travel limitations, and usage. Depending on what line of work you do or where you typically travel, these factors can wave more importantly and help find the right vehicle for you. The pick up truck has differences in the storage space which is it is completely uncovered. The open bed can mean unlimited storage space or a disadvantage for the types of products you are carrying. The pickup truck also has capabilities to go places a normal car cannot which is on dirt paths or rocky paths. Depending on the size of the cargo van, space is also very generous and any products stored in facility, it will be protected from the outside world. The cargo van is typically for transportation of goods within the city due to the limitations in ability. The following segments will break down the differences and benefits of each type of vehicle.


Let us start with an in depth look at the benefits of a pickup truck. Many users praise the truck to being much easier to use than a cargo van for storage. It is easier to load and unload their products due to the open bed rather than having to go in an enclosed space and have to maneuver their products out without damaging them. There is also just more space in general both on the interior and exterior of the pickup truck. There is more space for passengers inside the car; a crew cab pickup truck can seat up to five people like a normal car without compromising its towing abilities. And because there is no enclosure there is also no limit in the outdoor space.  Another benefit to the pickup truck is that it has better gas mileage than a cargo van. Trucks achieve better fuel efficiency because they weigh less and have newer engines that use economic fuel. Due to the enclosure of a cargo van and the older engines they typically use, they weigh more and use “thirstier” gas that is more expensive. Fuel economy is a very important factor to consider due to the fact that gas prices are rising and they will continue to do that everyday until we run out. A pick up truck also has stronger towing abilities with being able to tow thousands of more pounds if you choose a heavy duty model.


On the other hand, the cargo van also has different benefits that meet other needs. Even though the enclosure of a cargo van can seem like a limitation on the amount of storage it can handle, it can also be a benefit for what you seek. Due to the enclosure, you can protect your fragile products and tools from outside factors such as wind, heat, rain, and dirt. Being enclosed also protects your tools and products from theft, and lessens the work of looking out for your stuff and bringing them everywhere with you. A cargo van is also much more organized than a pickup truck. You can customize your van to include shelving or designated areas for different items. In a pickup truck you just place all things in the open bed where they can move around freely and unprotected. Another very important benefit that many consumers look for is that you can use the extra exterior space for advertisement. You would only pay the fee of creating and placing that add but that is it, no more cost for advertisement just free ad that goes wherever you go. This major factor is a good opportunity to spread the word of your services and products even on the go like a moving billboard. You can use the extra windows and sides for ad space, which you cannot do as well in a pickup truck.


In the end, both vehicles were created for commercial use and can do the job. But again depending on what you are looking for exactly, one can do the job better than the other. If you do more towing, carrying larger loads, and more passengers- a pickup truck is the right choice for you. If you have important products and tools that must always have protection and have advertisements as a high priority- cargo van is a better choice over a pickup truck. After making that distinction, we strongly suggest to test drive the commercial vehicles you are interested in so you can see how easy they are able to be maneuvered and how comfortable you feel behind the wheel. Come down to FAMVANS dealership for more information and appointments for test drives, or if you want to do more online research look into our inventory tab and see all the makes and models of our pickup trucks and cargo vans.

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