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Oil Change: Where? When? How?

Oil Change: Where? When? How?

Getting frequent oil changes depending on the make and model of your car is just a part of the maintenance everyone has to deal with. However, everyone gets their oil changed at different places or even change it themselves. In the past, everyone would just go back to the shop or dealership they bought their vehicle from and get service and repair and done there. Nowadays, there are so many local mechanic shops and good resources to learn how to change your oil yourself. But now that you have all of these options, how do you know which one is best for you? Depending on what is important to you, we will show you the pros and cons of each option to find the right kind of oil change for you.


In today’s society everyone wants everything to be done instantly, pay the least amount, while still getting the best service. A great service and cheap price do not usually come together, so you must compromise and find what you desire more. You must remember that good service will not be cheap, fast cheap service will not be good, and finally good cheap service will not be fast. To get a good service for an oil change, that requires expensive materials and great technicians that raise the price of the total expense. 


To get a fast service, the technicians must set aside a space right away for you and stop other services which will also cost them and raise your total expense. A cheap service means cutting corners and using average or less than average grade quality materials, and if you want it to be a great service it will take longer time because it won’t be of high importance. Free loaner cars, while-you-wait service, a great warranty, fast service, or discount price. These are factors mechanic shops and dealerships use to get you to use their oil changing services. 


Let’s talk about material quality for a bit; when it comes to shopping for an oil change the price of material is related to the price you will pay and an insight on the quality you will be receiving. A cheaper price of oil change means that the quality is not the greatest.


 Just a reminder that cheap materials are the number one cause of cars ending up in the dumb because it ruins the engine. This does not mean that you should get the most expensive oil change and your car will last the longest, you should do your research and find a trustworthy material and quality of service. An expensive option is a good idea however if you have a luxury car or high performance car to maintain the quality and health of the car. 


A regular oil change is an absolute must, but you always have choices in today’s society. Choosing cheap doesn’t always get your car what’s best for it, and you could be setting yourself up for shorter engine life, excessive fuel consumption, and higher emissions. If you must choose cheap, then at least make sure they’re using quality supplies and experienced technicians. Still, expect to wait a little longer for the job to get done. Do the right research, and you will find what you are looking for.


There is also always the “do it yourself” option when it comes to oil changes. This option is the best when you want total control over the materials used, but of course it demands labor from yourself and probably more time if you are not a professional auto technician. If you have all the tools to start off with, this option will be the cheapest because you don’t have to pay for someone else’s labor services.

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