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Best Commercial Vehicle for Small Businesses in LA

Best Commercial Vehicle for Small Businesses in LA

Purchasing the right vehicle for your small business is essential for transporting your products, equipment, and employees. You need a car that is reliable and best suits you based on the needs of your business. It is important to us here at FAMVANS that you find a commercial vehicle that is capable to get you through LA to your destination so you can run your business successfully. We will guide you to find the vehicle that is qualified for your business by providing the expected gas mileage, the measurements of the cargo space, payload capacities, power trains, and resale values of four typical commercial vehicles from four different brands. Here are some of the most common cargo vans and their stats:

We will start with the brand Mercedes-Benz first, which is the more expensive and luxurious car that is used for a more professional look for your company. The 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van can deal with heavy-duty loads and has a large loading capacity. The cargo space of this van is 568 cubic feet and the maximum payload is 5,574 pounds. Though this van can be expensive and the maintenance can be quite costly, its high top and great gas mileage can help your business be productive as a trade off. This van comes in three different body lengths and two different roof heights. The starting price of the Sprinter is $42,000, more on the expensive side, but the gas mileage is 19 miles per gallon so you can spend less on gas during this gas crisis. There might be a higher initial price for this van, but with gas prices fluctuating upward more and more everyday, it would cost less to own this car in the long run. We also would recommend looking at the 2018 Mercedes Metris Van, which is inexpensive and more fuel efficient compared to the Sprinter.

Another type of brand to look at for vans is RAM. The 2018 RAM ProMaster van has great gas mileage, so it is great for businesses that cover lots of ground and travel long lengths to provide their services and deliver their products. The nine-speed automatic transmission in the ProMaster van helps this van achieve its amazing gas mileage unlike others of its kind. You can also add features like a GPS, Bluetooth, Internet connection, and a rearview camera to make your traveling easier and faster if you choose the ProMaster City van. These variations of the van is smaller than the original but it includes these excellent features. Driving a commercial car could be harder to drive if it is your first time, so it is beneficial to have these additional features. The RAM is less expensive compared to the luxurious brand of Mercedes-Benz. The ProMaster van starting price is at $24,000 and the gas mileage is 21-28 miles per gallon. The variation in prices and gas milage come from the different sizes you can choose from in this particular van. Its cargo space is 137.1 cubic feet and the maximum payload is 1,833 pounds. 

Moving onto Ford, the tried and true American muscle of commercial cars. The 2018 Ford Transit Van’s best feature is that it can carry a lot of cargo and products, which is one of the reasons why it remains the best selling commercial van in the US giving you all the more reason to purchase it for your business endeavors. This van can be purchased with a high roof, as tall as 6’5”, with dual sliding doors, rear cargo doors, and many other options to help transport your cargo in the easiest and fastest way possible. The starting price of this van is $32,000 and the gas mileage is 14-18 miles per gallon. The cargo space is 487.3 cubic feet and the maximum payload is 4,650 pounds. You could look at another option within the Ford brand like the 2018 Ford Transit Connect Van that offers more custom features including swing out rear cargo doors, a rear liftgate, and the Ford MyKey which is a safety and convenience feature. This van is smaller but includes more gas mileage and more features than the Transit.


Our top picks for Chevrolet is the 2018 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savanna. They both are great cargo vehicles made for heavy duty work and only have doors on the right side to load and unload your cargo efficiently. Both vehicles also have an amazing towing capacity and great gas mileage compared to other of its kind. The starting price of these vans is $30,750 and the gas mileage is 24-28 miles per gallon. The cargo space is 284 cubic feet and the maximum payload is 4,100 pounds. 


Our suggestion if you are looking for a commercial vehicle within the Nissan brand is the 2018 Nissan NV. It has lots of customizable features and has high roof for plenty of cargo space. The van’s ground clearance is 8.1 inches but the low liftover height  of 28.5 inches. There are two engine sizes available and the larger one can tow almost 9,500 pounds. The starting price is $27,700 and the gas mileage is 15 miles per gallon. The cargo space is 234-321 cubic feet and the maximum payload is 2,630-3,859 pounds. Also available is the 2018 Nissan NV 200 which is a slightly smaller yet more affordable option.  


Hopefully this blog gave you a clear enough insight on the difference in brands, features, and services for your to make a decision on which commercial vehicle is right for you. Purchase your cargo van today from FAMVAN and choose from a variety of companies, sizes, and customizability to fit your businesses' needs. If you want to look for more options you can click our inventory tab and browse for more. Or if you want to have a test drive, come down to our FAMVANS dealership located in Fountain Valley today!

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